NativeML Managed Pipelines

Fast, reliable, inexpensive, and sustained data movement from sources into cloud-native storage.

NativeML Managed Pipelines

Build and run your pipelines for a low, fixed price.

NativeML builds and runs your data pipelines for a yearly fixed price. We take on implementation and support risk and insulate you from unexpected development complexities or issues.

Automation to scale

We use automation and best-in-class data ingestion technologies to centrally create data pipelines. Many new sources can be added in minutes or hours, instead of days. This leads to faster time to insight, faster development of data products, and delighted end-users.

24/7/365 Support

Pipelines are monitored and supported by NativeML engineers 24/7/365. Unlike most services companies, we're motivated to deliver on Service Level Agreements, not bill hours. Reliable data movement results in happy users.

Single source of truth

Once developed, pipelines are stored in source control and automatically rolled out across environments. This leads to increased reliability, lower maintenance costs, and lower ongoing technology debt.

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