NativeML Data Product Architecture

We design a cloud-native architecture based on user needs, product requirements, and customer-proven patterns.
NativeML Data Product Architecture

Cloud-native design focus

Unlike generic services companies that only bring people, we are dedicated to Databricks and Snowflake and come with cookbooks, expertise, standards, best practices, and proven strategies for cloud-native success.

Customer-proven, enterprise patterns

Unlike generic providers who are often “learning on the job” we utilize cloud-native design patterns driven from engagement with the world's largest enterprises, including fortune 500 companies in manufacturing and healthcare.

Automation planning and design

Sustainable data products require automation. NativeML helps you plan and design automation that enables engineering teams to iterate faster and build a data product that nails the business target.

Supported and monitored, end-to-end

Uptime drives user-confidence and adoption. Our architectures include strategies for error handling, alerting, instrumentation, and monitoring.

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