About Us


We bring specialized expertise, new ideas, and customer-proven methods to get your data product in the hands of users faster.


We bring automation allowing you to develop, test, and deploy data products quickly and safely using standard CI/CD systems.

Total Solution

NativeML is an all in one services and automation provider for building and running cloud-native data.


Regardless of your analytics maturity level, we believe everyone can build analytical and machine learning enabled data products.

NativeML is the first services company dedicated to Snowflake and Databricks.

We passionately believe that these disruptive technologies uniquely deliver on the promise of analytics. Our focus allows us to bring the right people, process, and automation to drive success. Founded by veteran Spark and data warehousing developers and architects.

Our customers include the largest names in CPG, Healthcare, and Financial Services.

Data Product Architecture
Managed Pipelines
Data Product Engineering
Managed Machine Learning Models
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Managed pipelines
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Meet Our Leadership Team

Biren Desai

Biren Desai

chief executive officer

Troy Fokken

Troy Fokken

Chief Architect

We Help You Expand Your Data Capabilities

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